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  More items and pics coming soon!!

    Some new necklaces I've made.

                            Wind in Your Hair
This one looks great with some of the bracelets I have. It is shown hanging as 15 1/2 " but can go up  to 20". This looks great grouped with other Turquoise necklaces. Very lightweight.

Cherries Anyone?

Cute little red cherries with shimmering rhinstone pits on a
 10 1/2"  silver chain.

Beautiful Blues

This one is 15 1/2" of beaded bliss. It has an adjustable silver chain.

Autumn Splendor
This is a big necklace! It measures 21 1/2 ". This will look great with Fall sweaters and turtlenecks! The chain is very intricate with cut out flowers in a bronze finish with beautiful, large, brown beads nesteled in
between the flower links.  SORRY THIS IS SOLD

The finale at the end is a stunning piece. The first is a gold color, followed by a copper color and finally ending with a bronze color. All of the pieces in the finale are incased in a silver frame. this is an eye catcher. Will be gorgeous with the oranges, golds and  browns of Autumn.

This is a big bracelet, measures approximately 2 1/2 " inside measurement and 3 1/2" outside measurement. If you like silver and turquoise this is the one for you, maybe even for the man in your life if he wears jewelry. This one is $15.00. Gorgeous! if I do say so myself.

This one measures 2 " inside. This one has a beautiful contrast with the turquiois and the silver with the brown beads. The silver ingots really set this piece off. This one is $15.50  SORRY SOLD

Another turquoise bracelet. 2" inside diameter. Hard to beat silver and turquoise! Would be a beautiful addition to a summer wardrobe! This one $14.00.

2" inside diameter. Cute little light and airy bracelet. Great for both adults and teenagers! This one $12.00.

Another cute and light bracelet for either teenagers or adults. This one also $12.00.

If you have a passion for purple like I do then you'll love this one. It has gorgeous deep purples with silver  ingot highlights. This one is also $14.00.  Sorry this one is SOLD.

Beautiful little light and airy browns. This one will be wonderful this fall! Also $14.00
Think Fall with this one! Gorgeous with sweaters and jeans. $12.00.

Who would have thought orange and purple, but the colors play off each other so well. Another one for Fall. Once again great with sweaters and jeans!! $12.00 for this one as well.

There will be some necklaces and more bracelets coming soon. To order please e-mail me at A flat rate of $2.00 for shipping will be applied to your order. Thank you!!