From the Garden

Wanted to add this page because I finally got my gardens in ane I plan on taking lots of pics as it grows. In this first one, I have planted tomatoes, oninons, green and yellow beans and bell peppers.

 You probably can't see it but I placed all of my plants in raised beds this year. I would like to put some lumber around each bed but I don't think that will be happening this year. Maybe in the Fall if things slow down a little I can get some around at least one and put some garlic in.

The second garden has corn, banana peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and hopefully pumpkins and birdhouse gourds but there are not planted at the time of this post.

My gardens were put in with such haste this year I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do well.

I was also checking out my Blueberry bushes and found the first blueberries of the season.

Don't they look good!!!!!

We also have Mulberries blooming now too!!! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

Also we have some baby peaches coming on!!!

We also have some pears coming too but sorry no pics of them. Maybe some pics at a later date if they survive.

     Well here are the pears. They did survive for a little while. This is what they looked like right before some bandit in the night with webbed wings and a hunger for fruit obliviated them. Didn't they look wonderful, but sorry Jack not to be this year. My grandson Jack loves my canned pears. Just wait till next year Jack we'll get some more.

     It has been very hectic this summer and I have finally gotten around to weeding my garden. Take a look, it needs it bad.

You can't even tell where the walkways are. I should hang my head in shame, but I have been really busy.

 This is my trusty garden sidekick. The baby rototiller as we call it. Everyone should own one of these. It makes gardening so much easier. No longer do I have to get down on my hands and knees to pull weeds. This little beauty pulls them roots and all to make quick and easy work of it.

See!!!!!!! Isn't it gorgeous.

Sure bunnies... they are all cute, cuddly and fuzzy until they open a can of woop-ass on your green beans. Now it's war. Do you see any beans. NOPE, you don't

Look at this poor lonely bean plant. All the top leaves perfectly severed off. It's like a surgical cut. Damn bunnies!

AH HA! Try to get in now you little brown-eyed monsters.

Ha HA... No more bunnie shananigans!!!! Look at the beans now!!!

Peaches are looking great!!

So are the peppers.
Time to make the pickles. 

Squash and Zucchini are looking good too!

I can taste the corn already.
Look at the little baby ear of corn. See the tassel coming along. Woo Hoo, can't wait.

We have come a long way baby!!!! Look at what my garden is producing now!!

Our tomatoes are absolutely delicious, so was the corn, but we didn't get much of that. Bambi ate a lot of it.

Anybody for fresh spaghetti sauce! This pot full produced about 4 quarts for me.
Had some for dinner that night.

It is the middle of September and my garden is still producing well. I think we have another round of Banana peppers coming as well as Bell peppers and Pepperchinis.